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This recording sets the poems of Rene Ricard to music. All of Rene's favorite poetry was lyric: the Greek Anthology, Francois Villon, Paul Verlaine. He loved folk music, from John Dowland to Joan Baez, and he had a vast repertoire of Broadway show tunes. He knew about the set-up, the turn of phrase, the zinger. Every line was a little poem itself. The voice was exuberant, direct, and intimate. This recording would have given Rene enormous pleasure, I have no doubt. To hear his words sung reveals just how keen he was to communicate with the reader/listener. Orpheus has arisen. 

- Raymond Foye

Mixed and Mastered by Jake Bloomfield-Misrach at JBM Studios. Cover image courtesy Allen Ginsberg Estate. 

Beards & Baldspots - EASY KEYS
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Track List
  1. Beards & Baldspots
  2. Belt Buckle
  3. Whiskey Bay
  4. Rodriguez Welding
  5. First Leg
  6. Mudbugs
  7. Release & Reload
  8. Sweatshop
  9. Don't'n
  10. Fertile Patch
  11. Sunglasses & Skin
  12. Blacktop Wheels
  13. Whiskey in the Morning
  14. We'll be done.

Recorded at ScanHope Sound, Littleton, Co. Produced, Engineered and Mastered by Joel Scanlon. Artwork by Joshua Pelletier.

Released 2014.

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