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"A disturbingly wild adventure. "

- David Graver, Cool Hunting

"Gross and Filthy."

- Linda Brine, Lifter magazine

What do you get when a deer and a bear make love? BEER!


The Story of BEER, by Beauford “T-Hawk” Arceneaux, is an exhilarating, coming-of-age adventure that explores the roots of friendship, thirst and the nature of destiny. Mythic in tone and vast in scope, BEER’s story serves as an introduction to the Easy Keys, who got their start as the house band at the Moral Cavity, where they staged a weekly show called the Acts of Depravity. Something like a psychedelic cabaret in a swampy honky tonk, the Acts of Depravity became infamous as a showcase for outlandish songs and unbridled buffoonery.


Complete Mythologies

//  Easy Keys in Cajun Country (2012)
//  What Boatshoe Said Vol I & II (2013-15)
//  Reveries (2014)
//  Story of BEER (2016)
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